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Sales Strategy

Joe Klinker San Francisco, California, United States
Sales Strategy, Campaign, Comms, Social Media

7 years in tech marketing, focusing on social media, digital and campaign marketing, and engagement marketing programs. (show more)

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Interests: travel, nature and the environment, cooking, rock climbing, and biking

Laura Tagatac London, United Kingdom
Secure content sharing, Getting started on Box, Onboarding new users, Sales Strategy
Box, Solutions Engineering

I've been a Solutions Engineer at Box since 2017, originally in our San Francisco office and now based in London. (show more)

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Daniel OLeary San Jose, California, United States
Building a content strategy, Sales Strategy, Increasing user engagement, Partnership & Relationship Building

I was one of the founders of Box Consulting, and I've built many solutions for Box customers. I've been a Box customer twice, Box parter twice, and Box (show more)

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Interests: Box Consulting for Good and

Laurel Bonsack San Carlos, California, United States
Box best practices, Partnership & Relationship Building, Sales Strategy, Comms

Hi there! I'm Laurel and I have been with Box for a little over a year. My role at Box is in Sales and I am passionate about helping nonprofits build u (show more)

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Interests: program management, creative writing, curricula design, content creation, training, growth & development, and Relationship building

Todd Guerrieri Redwood City, California, United States
Sales Strategy, Partnership & Relationship Building, Business Development, Fundraising support

Bay Area Boxer, San Carlos resident, proud father and husband (show more)

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Interests: Youth Coaching and mentorship, GTM Business Optimization and Operations, and Professional Services/Consulting

Jack Morrow New York, New York, United States
Secure content sharing, Code Design & Architecture, Security Engineering, Sales Strategy
Box - solutions engineering

I'm a Solutions Engineer with a background in B2B sales, marketing, and computer science. I find joy in helping others solve business problems at scale (show more)

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Interests: Cooking, Coding, Climbing, Rowing, Running, and Reading