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Partnership & Relationship Building

Daniel OLeary San Jose, California, United States
Building a content strategy, Sales Strategy, Increasing user engagement, Partnership & Relationship Building

I was one of the founders of Box Consulting, and I've built many solutions for Box customers. I've been a Box customer twice, Box parter twice, and Box (show more)

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Interests: Box Consulting for Good and

Laurel Bonsack San Carlos, California, United States
Box best practices, Partnership & Relationship Building, Sales Strategy, Comms

Hi there! I'm Laurel and I have been with Box for a little over a year. My role at Box is in Sales and I am passionate about helping nonprofits build u (show more)

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Interests: program management, creative writing, curricula design, content creation, training, growth & development, and Relationship building

Todd Guerrieri Redwood City, California, United States
Sales Strategy, Partnership & Relationship Building, Business Development, Fundraising support

Bay Area Boxer, San Carlos resident, proud father and husband (show more)

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Interests: Youth Coaching and mentorship, GTM Business Optimization and Operations, and Professional Services/Consulting