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Code Design & Architecture

Will Chassaing Austin, Texas, United States
Learning & Development, Increasing user engagement, Code Design & Architecture, Campaign
Support and Desktop Eng

I have a varied background with experience in Communication Design and User Experience. I am a part of the Support organization, and I help our desktop (show more)

Available for:

Interests: Removing Paper, Integrations, Platform, Device Trust, Drive, Edit, and Mobile

Cristiano Betta London, United Kingdom
Code Design & Architecture, Web Development, SEO, Social Media

Happy to help with any online web related projects (show more)

Available for:

Interests: design and Web development

Tejas Chopra Sunnyvale, California, United States
Code Design & Architecture, Web Development, Crafting job descriptions, Written translation (see "Language Proficiencies" section)

I would like to use my skills in coding and mentoring to help our community. I have volunteered in the past in San Jose library to teach math and scien (show more)

Available for:

Interests: help with communication and organization of events, help with coding and creating websites, and Teaching math and science

Alex Laughnan Redwood City, California, United States
Code Design & Architecture, Web Development, Getting started on Box

i work as a software engineer for box, social storyteller for the drupal association, and leadership team member of drupal diversity & inclusion. in th (show more)

Available for:

Interests: Drupal and React

Jack Morrow New York, New York, United States
Secure content sharing, Code Design & Architecture, Security Engineering, Sales Strategy
Box - solutions engineering

I'm a Solutions Engineer with a background in B2B sales, marketing, and computer science. I find joy in helping others solve business problems at scale (show more)

Available for:

Interests: Cooking, Coding, Climbing, Rowing, Running, and Reading

Code Design & Architecture, Web Development

I am an SRE at box. I have been working as a backend, frontend and as an SRE for the last 5 years in the Bay Area. (show more)

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