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Building a content strategy

Rob Moore Redwood City, California, United States
Box best practices, Building a content strategy, Deploying Box internally, Getting started on Box

My role as an Implementation Analyst at Box is to consult our customers on how to best deploy Box at scale. I've helped lead over 20 deployments of Box (show more)

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Interests: internal adoption, admin console, and nonprofit best practices

Box best practices, Getting started on Box, Building a content strategy, Secure content sharing
Box Japan

3年前にBox Japanに入社しました。セールスエンジニアとして業務を行っております。 Boxに入社する前はSFA/CRMビジネスを13年間行っておりましたので、業務プロセスを踏まえた提案、活用支援が可能です。 I've been a part of Box's Sales Engine (show more)

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Interests: ダイバシティ/インクルージョン, 教育, 人道支援, and 若者支援

Daniel OLeary San Jose, California, United States
Building a content strategy, Sales Strategy, Increasing user engagement, Partnership & Relationship Building

I was one of the founders of Box Consulting, and I've built many solutions for Box customers. I've been a Box customer twice, Box parter twice, and Box (show more)

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Interests: Box Consulting for Good and