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While a complementary program, it is not tied to your Box account. You will need to create a separate login for this service! Virtual volunteers can help nonprofits get started on their content strategy with Box, in addition to tapping into the skills that our Boxers have. Each meeting is 1 hour long. To find a coach, search active volunteers by keyword or subject expertise and find someone from whom you'd like help. In your initial message, please give a brief but detailed description of the problem you're trying to solve.

Your volunteer will accept one of the times you have listed as being available or they will propose up to three new times. This meeting will be used to talk about your needs, how the volunteer fits into it, and whether there is a good fit.

Your meeting will happen by video or phone call. The volunteer will work with you to understand your organization’s needs and discover how they can help. Any follow-up actions or conversations after the meeting should be mutually agreed upon by you and the volunteer. In some instances, it will make sense to book another meeting with a different volunteer.

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Want to give your volunteer some kudos or offer feedback on ways to make volunteer engagements even better? Provide a review of your experience to help other organizations find the best volunteer for their projects, and to help the Virtual volunteer program work even better. These reviews will be used for internal purposes only unless we explicitly ask for a testimonial!

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Lingering Questions? Reach out to Christina Louie for more info.

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The Virtual volunteer program brings together skilled Box volunteers who are ready to help you get the most out of Box or contribute other skills to help you better meet your mission. Search the community of volunteers to find a match for your needs! If there is a skillset you are looking for but don't see listed, please let us know here:

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Support a nonprofit with your skills! We connect volunteers like you with nonprofits that need specific skilled support. This can be Box focused or activating other skills that you have!