Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual volunteers? Virtual volunteers is a community of Box employees who are here to help social impact organizations best leverage Box's cloud content management platform or volunteer their skills. If you are an organization that has a declared and verifiable charitable or philanthropic mission to benefit communities, our volunteers are here to help you! Here are our eligibility guidelines.

Launched as the Coaching Corps, we're pivoting to Virtual volunteers to more broadly offer the skills of our Boxers (Box employees) during this time of increase remote work.

Who is eligible to work with volunteers?

Social impact organizations who have registered for donated/discounted Box and meet our eligibility guidelines can join the portal and sign up with a Coach.

What types of projects can I get help with?

Social impact organizations should look to the Coaching Corps as a Box kick starter or a way to get specific skilled support on a project. We want you to help you better meet your missions. We're here to help you define your content strategy, get the most use out of Box, or tap into any area where we have the skillsets.

The opportunity is open to any eligible nonprofit. For projects that go beyond the skillset of the volunteer, feel free to book another session with someone who might be better suited to your needs.

What if I want to go beyond the first session?

Social impact organizations should connect with their volunteer for an hour initial call to define the project and ensure the volunteer has the right skillset. Engagements that continue beyond that should have clear expectations for both the organization and the volunteer. A few helpful things to keep in mind:

  • A good match. Ensure that you and the volunteer are a good match for each other. A good match means that the volunteer has the technical skills and time availability to help address the challenge or question at hand. Be sure to ask about this in your initial communication and conversation to ensure a great experience for you both.
  • Use Box. While the engagement doesn't need to be focused on Box, we do ask that you are currently a Box customer.
  • Scope it. Should you determine with your volunteer that your project will go beyond the initial session, ensure that you and your volunteer have properly scoped the work. This ensures you both know the work that needs to be done ad have clear expectations about cadence and deliverables. Set up regular check-ins, develop a timeline and project plan, and be clear on desired outcomes for your organization.

When I reach out to my volunteer, what information should I provide?

To make the most of your initial advisory call, share as much information as possible about your current usage of Box (or the project you are looking for skilled volunteering with) and any questions or challenges you have. Think about including this information:

  • Name and mission of your organization
  • What is your timeline?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • How long have you been using Box?
  • What is your role within your organization regarding Box? For example, are you an admin or a champion who is looking to further implement this with your group.
  • Will this project integrate with other systems or software? (if Box focused)
  • Do you have a developer on staff? (if Box focused)

How do I find the volunteer that’s best for me?

Our volunteers are coming from different departments and expertise. We recommend using the keyword search terms. You can also compare volunteers by their profiles.

Who are the volunteers?

They are Box employees volunteering their time to ensure your success on Box or to help you achieve a specific project with their skills. Each volunteer is here to answer your questions and/or route you to the best person.

What should I expect once I select my volunteer?

You can expect a response from your volunteer within 3 business days. Your advisory session can happen via video or phone call. The volunteer will work with you to understand your organization’s needs and discover how they can help. If your organization needs to deploy a more sophisticated project, your volunteer may be able to help define next steps for working with software and direct you to additional resources. Any follow-up actions or conversations after the advisory session should be mutually agreed upon by you and the volunteer.

What if I am looking for a skillset that is't listed?

We're always open to feedback and want to know what nonprofits actually need. Please fill out this form to share what skillsets would be most helpful for you:

What is Virtual volunteers?

The Virtual volunteers is a community of Box employees who are here to help social impact organizations best leverage Box's cloud content management platform or volunteer their skills. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to use your Box knowledge (or other skills!) to help organizations to better meet their missions.

Launched as the Coaching Corps, we're pivoting to Virtual volunteers to more broadly offer the skills of our Boxers (Box employees) during this time of increase remote work.

What do I get out being a member of the Virtual volunteers?

The Virtual volunteers is your chance to give back and utilize your Box skills for Good! Whether you have 1 hour or 10 hours a month, you get the opportunity to use your skills to have rewarding conversations with organizations and to have an impact. You’ll be amazed at how your knowledge and business skills can truly impact an organization. Other benefits include: meeting other volunteers, growing as a leader through interacting with many types of social impact organization, and learn ing about organizations you may not have encountered otherwise.

Why does Virtual volunteers exist? launched the Virtual volunteers (originally Coaching Corps) in March of 2018 to support our social impact organizations' success on Box. We wanted a scalable way for employees to give back through their skills and for social impact organizations to receive the assets they need to best utilize our product. We feel this allows us to follow our Box values to "Make Mom Proud" and "Blow our Customers Minds." We have since expanded to Virtual volunteers to tap into all of the skillsets that our Boxers have, not just on Box.

I’m ready. How do I become a volunteer?

Woohoo! We'll need a few things from you to get started:

  • [If focusing on Box support] you should have practical experience working with customers regarding the Box platform.
  • [If you are focusing on volunteering any skills you have] you should have experience in those skills.
  • [If focusing on Box support] Be familiar with Box customer stories and nonprofit use cases
  • Commit to responding to incoming requests within 3 business days
  • Be willing and able to share your skills with social impact organizations
  • Select which keywords you want to help organizations with: Getting started, Best Box practices, or Troubleshooting.

When you’re all set, please go into Okta under " Coaching Corps" and complete your profile. Once you've finished, please ping Christina Louie to let her know your profile is ready for review and to go live.

What can I expect from a Virtual volunteers engagement?

Within our thousands of social impact organizations utilizing our platform, we have a huge variety of organizations with different needs. As a volunteer, your aim should be to blow our customers' minds and do the best you can - you likely won't know every answer and you won't be able to solve everything, but that's okay. We want organizations to walk away from this experience feeling like they can better utilize Box for their needs or are more well prepared for a specific skilled project, and wanting to recommend this engagement to others.

What if I want to highlight a skillset that is't listed?

Please ping Christina Louie with the skill and she'll add it to the list. All of the skillsets are pre-populated so we'll need to manually add it.